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WASH Coalition Pilipinas
WASH Coalition Pilipinas is a loose coalition of organizations and individuals working for the achievement of the local Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets for water supply and sanitation.  Currently led by PCWS-ITNF, the Coalition works with national policy makers as well as with the poorest communities.  The WASH advocacy materials of the diverse members call for action, pointing out that although access to water and sanitation is already high in terms of national figures, there are still poverty stricken rural and urban areas, small island communities, remote and war-torn villages that remain neglected in terms of sanitation and water supply provision.  At the national policy level, WASH Coalition Pilipinas provides technical inputs and advice based from experiences in field project implementation.

In 2008, the Coalition conducted its visioning exercise and long-term action planning. It was decided that the Coalition would remain a loose organization but will have an organizational structure flexible enough to allow ease in implementing projects, achieving its goals and discharging its functions optimally. In view of this, four working groups were formed to assist the National Coordinator.  These working groups are program development and resource mobilization; advocacy and networking; knowledge management and research; and, institutional strengthening.  Each working group defines its protocol and work plan based on the Coalition's overall Action Plan. Every working group has a point person to lead its activities.

  Activities of the Coalition include -
Information materials for WASH advocacy and awareness raising
Fund raising art exhibit for sanitation projects
WASH capacity building package
WASH mechanism and structure at the target communities
Water supply facilities
Sanitation facilities

Improving the water supply and sanitation situation in urban and rural poor communities through advocacy,
awareness raising, multi-stakeholder partnerships, action research and capacity building
for community managed WASH



The Philippines, one of the world’s largest archipelagos, is composed of 7,100 islands with a total land area of 300,000 square kilometers.  It is home to various ethnic groups speaking about 120 different languages.   The WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) Coalition Pilipinas has members working in remote small island communities and provinces that are stricken with poverty, insurgency and conflict.  The poorest provinces in the Philippines also have the lowest access to water supply and sanitation in comparison to the rest of the nation.   Working in poverty and conflict stricken areas is what distinguishes the WASH Coalition Pilipinas with the rest of the other networks in the Philippines.

In 2009, the WASH Coalition Pilipinas teamed up with Silliman University Office of Information and Publications, which produces the daily Silliman on Air radio program, broadcast Monday to Friday at 6 to 8 in the morning over DYSR-FM 95.1 megahertz.  Brief information items from the WASH Coalition Pilipinas were broadcast daily to provide messages of hope and expectation, as well as a call to build stronger partnerships and act together for improving access to WASH.  Each message was meant to catch attention and raise awareness and interest on WASH topics.

Cebuano Broadcast Week 1 Day 2

English translation of Week 1 Day 2 broadcast

Cebuano Broadcast Week 2 Day 2

English translation of Week 2 Day 2 broadcast

Cebuano Broadcast Week 3 Day 3

English translation of Week 3 Day 3 broadcast