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Philippine Regulations on Sanitation and Wastewater Systems (DOWNLOADABLE HERE IN PDF FILE)

PCWS-ITNF is widely disseminating the international edition of this compilation by Engr. Bonifacio B. Magtibay. 

PCWS-ITNF is also working with communities to make them stewards of the environment, making sanitation a life skill.  Information materials, focus group discussions, participatory learning activities and capacity building trainings on water and sanitation are resorted to.


PCWS-ITNF has made hundreds of ferro-cement rainwater harvesting tanks, reservoirs, iron removal filters, sedimentation tanks, urine diverting toilets, low-cost wastewater treatment facilities, and biogas digesters. These ferro-cement structures that PCWS-ITNF continue to build are low-cost.  PCWS-ITNF makes it a point to work with local masons and even inexperienced community volunteers on these structures so that the knowledge and skills on the construction of these low-cost water supply and sanitation facilities are transferred to them.


PCWS-ITNF continues to work along the United Nations’ broad based objectives for sanitation:

Increasing awareness and commitment for sanitation from all stakeholders at all levels;
Mobilizing Governments (from national to local), existing alliances, financial institutions, sanitation and other service providers;
Securing real commitments to review, develop and implement effective action to scale up sanitation programs;
Encouraging demand driven, sustainable and traditional sanitation solutions;
Securing increased financing to jump start and sustain progress via commitments;
Developing and strengthening institutional and human capacity;
Enhancing the sustainability and therefore the effectiveness of available sanitation solutions and;
Promoting and capturing learning to enhance the evidence base and knowledge on sanitation.
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