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The National Network on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) was established in November 2007 to serve as a hub for organizations and experts in advocating HWTS.  The HWTS Network's mission is: to contribute to a significant reduction in waterborne diseases especially among vulnerable population by promoting household water treatment and safe storage as a key component of water, sanitation and hygiene programs.

PCWS-ITNF is a member of the HWTS Network Steering Committee, along with other multi-sectoral members, with the Department of Health having a permanent seat.

PCWS-ITNF teaches communities HWTS

Where water quality is poor, there are many things people can do at their households to make water potable. They can settle, filter and disinfect the water.  PCWS-ITNF teaches communities household water treatment and safe storage techniques.  Below are some technologies that PCWS-ITNF has taught communities all over the Philippines through hands-on trainings.

     - Iron Removal Filter

     - Chlorination

     - Biosand Filter