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PCWS used to be known as International Training Network (ITN) when it started in 1990 as a project of the Netherlands-based International Institute of Infrastructure, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering (IHE). Towards the end of the project in 1998, the remaining local personnel formed a non-stock, non-profit nongovernment organization (NGO) and registered it with the Securities and Exchange Commission as Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation The ITN Foundation(PCWS). Since 1998, PCWS has been supporting itself through its professional fees obtained through training, technical support, monitoring, evaluation, research and consultancy services provided to local governments, NGOs, national government agencies, corporations, and communities.

PCWS promotes sustainable water and sanitation programs through capacity building approaches that are gender sensitive, culturally acceptable, socially relevant and cost effective. PCWS works to improve the water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) situation of the poorest communities in the Philippines. Engineers of PCWS work with communities in developing low cost water supply and sanitation technology options, thereby enhancing local initiatives leading to benefits in health and livelihood. PCWS mission is promoting the human right to water and sanitation through strategies, approaches and technologies that are respectful of ecosystems and empowering to people, especially the marginalized.

Current Partners of PCWS

 1. Barangay Local Government of Ibayo-Tipas, Taguig City, Metro Manila

 2. Surge for Water

 3. 2015-2016 Level 4 Students of Abbas Orchard Antipolo City


 5. Baxter

 6. Municipal Local Government of Kapangan, Benguet

 7. EDC Burgos Wind Power Corporation

Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands

 9. International Labor Organization

10. Barangay Local Government of Malawig, Coron, Palawan

11. Philippine Good Works Mission Foundation

12. Barangay Local Government of Mawacat, Floridablanca, Pampanga

13. Earth Day Network

14. SMART VILLAGES New Thinking for Off-Grid Communities Worldwide


Held in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, Philippines on June 1 to 3, 2016.
For more information visit www.e4sv.org and www.itnphil.org.ph

PCWS-ITNF vision: A clean environment for all with adequate, safe, accessible and affordable drinking water supply, sanitation and hygiene. 

PCWS-ITNF mission: Promoting the human right to water and sanitation through strategies, approaches and technologies that are respectful of ecosystems and empowering to people, especially the marginalized.

PCWS-ITNF continues to build capacity and awareness of WASH technologies and the opportunities they provide. It is committed to provide technical expertise for improving the WASH situation of communities, households and institutions.  PCWS-ITNF will continue to work with local governments in implementing the political will of pro-poor access to adequate water supply and sanitation services.

Photo Gallery

In previous years, PCWS-ITNF worked in the following provinces and cities:

1 Agusan del Norte
2 Agusan del Sur
3 Albay
4 Antigue
5 Baguio City
6 Batanes
7 Batangas
8 Benguet
9 Bohol
10 Bukidnon
11 Bulacan
12 Cagayan
13 Camarines Norte
14 Camarines Sur
15 Camiguin
16 Catanduanes
17 Cavite
18 Cebu
19 Compostela Valley
20 Davao City
21 Davao del Sur
22 Davao Oriental
23 Eastern Samar
24 General Santos City
25 Ifugao
26 Iligan City
27 Ilocos Norte
28 Ilocos Sur
29 Iloilo
30 Isabela
31 Kalinga
32 La Union
33 Laguna
34 Lanao del Norte
35 Lanao del Sur
36 Leyte
37 Maguindanao
38 Masbate
39 Metro Cebu
40 Metro Manila
41 Mindoro Occidental
42 Mindoro Oriental
43 Misamis Occidental
44 Misamis Oriental
45 Negros Occidental
46 North Cotabato
47 Northern Samar
48 Nueva Vizcaya
49 Palawan
50 Quezon
51 Quezon City
52 Rizal
53 Romblon
54 Siargao Archipelago
55 Sibugay
56 Sorsogon
57 South Cotabato
58 Sultan Kudarat
59 Sulu
60 Surigao del Norte
61 Surigao del Sur
62 Taguig City
63 Tawi-Tawi Archipelago
64 Western Samar
65 Zambales
66 Zamboanga City
67 Zamboanga del Norte
68 Zamboanga del Sur

Current Programs/Projects

Researches on Integrating Low-Cost WASH Technology Options with Housing Technologies

The researches include demonstration projects on ferro-cement houses with rainwater harvesting and other water supply systems, household water treatment and safe storage facilities, biogas digester septic tank for waste management, and low-cost wastewater treatment system. 

The demonstration projects are meant to show that these simple, low-cost technologies help conserve water, prevent pollution, and enable families to adapt to climate change.  It also shows that sanitation is neither expensive nor complicated and is achievable even in a difficult, congested, flood-prone urban environment or in an isolated peri-urban area.  The efforts represent the cumulative learnings of PCWS-ITNF from its field-based implementation experiences and its interactions with households and communities.  PCWS-ITNF hopes that the research results and demonstration projects could help solve the lack of housing among low-income Filipino families as well as inspire the passing of enabling local and national policies for both human health and environmental protection.

PCWS-ITNF did researches for a low-cost alternative wastewater treatment for communities and households (LOCAL WATCH), a sanitation system that includes toilets, biogas digester septic tank, baffled reactor, anaerobic filter, gravel filter and lotus/fish pond.  LOCAL WATCH was developed in response to the fact that sanitation is lagging behind in the Philippines as it is not a priority of national and most local governments, NGOs, communities, etc. partly due to the belief that sanitation technologies like wastewater treatment systems are expensive and complicated. 

PCWS-ITNF continues to do researches with partner organizations and households on more appropriate housing designs with low-cost water supply and sanitation systems and how these could be made more affordable to low-income families. 

Technical Assistance to Local Governments, NGOs and Communities on Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

PCWS-ITNF provides technical assistance to local governments, communities and NGOs to improve water supply, sanitation and hygiene. It also undertakes researches, trainings and consultancies in partnership with relevant organizations.  PCWS-ITNF addresses the lack of knowledge, awareness and appreciation of low-cost sanitation technologies among policy makers.  It also encourages increased investments in sanitation and the development of enabling policies.  Local governments are called upon to include among their priorities the implementation of WASH programs.

Aside from responding to requests for technical assistance, PCWS-ITNF presents low-cost appropriate alternative WASH technology options to create positive changes. It addresses the need to make sanitation affordable to low-income households.  Expanding the range of water supply and sanitation systems presented to communities and households provide them with more options and information.


Consultancy Services

Researches pertaining to water supply, sanitation and hygiene
Accounting and auditing services to water cooperatives and non-governmental organizations
Capability building for the operation and maintenance of communal water systems
Low-cost wastewater treatment
Sanitation education
Waste management
WASH (water supply, sanitation and hygiene) advocacy
Engineering design for water supply and sanitation systems
Special projects such as dioramas, etc.

Action Researches with Households

PCWS-ITNF continues to do researches with households on more appropriate designs of water supply, sanitation and hygiene systems and how these could be made more affordable to low-income families.  Even after the implementation of projects, the communities and households are encouraged to maintain consultative access to PCWS-ITNF engineers, especially for those who have acquired skills in building their own and their community's water supply and sanitation systems.

PCWS-ITNF is currently undertaking research on the use of ferro-cement tanks for aquaculture.  Other researches with households focus on reducing the amount of solid waste and creating alternative energy for production of fertilizers, water and biogas.

Rainwater Harvesting Advocacy

PCWS-ITNF and the WASH Coalition advocate for the building of low-cost rainwater harvesting tanks in homes, public schools and offices in the Philippines. Here's how to construct a ferro-cement rainwater harvesting tank. 


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PCWS-ITNF Brochure

Diorama of Low-cost WASH Technologies

Ferrocement Biogas Digester

Ferrocement Biogas Waste Tank - TV Channel 5 Interview Video

Country Water Action - Philippines

Ferro-cement Biogas Septic Tank - TV Channel 2 Interview Video

Biogas Digester Hands-on Construction Training Video

Iron Removal Filter Hands-on Construction Training Video

Transforming Used Plastic Bags



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